Here is the first day for us to go to school for field work. We went to Damansara Islamic International School at 11.00 AM and arrive there at 11.30 AM. Damansaraschool is located in Pelangi area, or common with Palm Spring are. We have surprised that the school is on top of the shops or it can said that the school is in Ruko. The school is very welcome to receive us. They directly make the ceremonial agenda to introduce their school. Damansara school teacher is represented by Mr.Fatoni and Mr. Ibrahim. Mr.Fatoni is Indonesian who comes from Riau. And he is studying in UKM for his doctor programs. And Mr. Ibrahimis representative from Cambridge. And the representatives from UIN are Mr.Padil, Mr. Imam Ahmad, Mr. Trio and also Mr. Trio invited Datuk Muhammad to accompany him to go to school.


After getting ceremonial acceptance, Mr.Fatoni bring us to go around the school and looks the condition of his school with all of the representatives of Tarbiyah and Teaching Science from UIN Maliki Malang and all of the students from UIN that have the chance to study and work field here. This schools building still rent. But they are already building their own school building. This school have two levels. The first in primary school that in Indonesia we called elementary school and the second is secondary school. The classes of this school are located in the same building. But what makes those different is the level of the grades is located in different floors. This school is comfort area even this school building is not common as like as the schools in Indonesia.

The school is middle size. This school have several facilities like ablution place, hall that can used for praying and sports, library, science laboratory, classes etc. The teachers are very nice to us. Even the school is located in Ruko, this school have good class lay-out and they maximize all the places there. All of the people in this school have to open their shoes in stairs between shop and school. They study in the class without shoes. Student’s uniform is very nice. For boys, they wear kopyah and blue shirt and trousers. And for girl, they wear veil and same uniform. For the boys teachers, they have to wear orderly clothing. Wear hem and necktie. For Ustadzah, they wear long dress and veil.

From our first sight, I see that the condition of this school is the real international school. Because there are many students who have difference nation. There are from England, Egypt, Pakistan, America, Malaysia also, etc. They live together there without any conflict because of the difference culture. And the most important thing in this school is the students have been understood that they may not bullying each other, so it makes them respect each other. Also when they meet teachers or us, commonly they will salam and shake hand. And all of the students here who comes from different culture, different life style, different parent background and different age live together here without any conflict. And also all of the students here respect Ustadz very well.

At that time, we were offered to come to the class directly. Then we choose English class in primary school. We enter the class with six students from UIN Malang. We enter the class at 02.20 pm. They have examination in the morning during at 3-3-2014 until 7-3-2014. And after they have examination in the morning, the teachers explain about the material that will be examined. The standard of the score in Malaysia is 50. When the student is under 50, it means that they are failed and have to do remedial.

When we are in the class, the students look so quiet. All of them were give attention to the teacher. At that time, the teacher was explaining the materials that had been examining and give the true answer to students in order to make students ready to have examination tomorrow. I look that teacher as the centre of learning. The students give response after the teacher gave stimulus by asking the question or by asking to make the sentence. The teacher also went around the students in the class.

In the middle of the learning process, the teacher told us that commonly the students in the class are very crowded students. They always speak without asked before. But the condition at that time was very different. They also looked so shy when we saw them. Because of we don’t want to disturb their time to prepare the material for examination tomorrow, we made decision to go outside and let them went. But commonly, the teacher said to us that the condition of teaching learning process style in this school is different. In normal day, the teacher prepares the lesson plan, method, media etc. But from March 3, 2014 until March 7, 2014, the teaching learning process focuses to review about the material that will be examined.