FITK NEWS – Association of International Class Program Student (AICS) and the students of Early Childhood Teacher Education Department (PGRA) of FITK UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang attractively celebrated closing ceremony of Ramadhan Learning through Playing. It made the parents who attended the closing ceremony of Ramadhan Learning through Playing program impressed with the fantastic performances of their sons and daughters.

Held at Megawati building in the 1st floor (24/6), all of the children cheerfully showed their talents. Some of them confidently acted as master of ceremony. The other were brave to be qori’ and qori’ah (male and female al-Qur’an reciters), Islamic story tellers, poets, Rolly Polly dancers etc.

Finally, there was an agenda for announcing winners of competitions during Ramadhan. The children happily accomplished rewards. The gifts and certificates were given to all of the winners. The names of winner for each category can be found at the table.

“Thank you very much for the parents’ appreciations on this program. We hope that parents remain a pivotal key to nurture children’s spiritual development. Let us accustom our children to grow in good environments for their character buildings,” Dr. H. Nur Ali, M.Pd, the Dean of FITK UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang wisely said at his closing speech

One of parents Yuliati Hotifah, M.Pd also told her grace. “I felt surprised when my son suddenly understood what to do in Ramadhan like fasting, getting up, reciting al-Qur’an and prayer in the first time of this program. Today’s performances were fascinating too that all of them become the winners meaning that this program is able to instill the kid’s confidence,” Yuliati Hotifah said

The Winners of Ramadhan Competition

Roudhotul Jannah

1.Nevdanya RahmanTahfidz (Memorizing Simple Surah) Star
2.Anwarul KawakibReligious Figure Star
3.Muhammad Kenzie AryasatyaPlaying Puzzle Star
4.Naoabiwara Biltaqiy HarjoyoLanguage Star
5.Ayesha Syaiba MuttaqinDrawing Star
6.Najibah AlmafazaStory Telling Star


1.BramantyoSadewo EryadiKing
2.Naila WiladawilaQueen
3.Naura Zayyana Kafi1st Drawing and Coloring
4.Sufyan Al Hafizh Muhammadan2nd Drawing and Coloring
5.Achmad Zaidan Huda1st Science Quiz
6.Barqy Munawwir1st Science Quiz
7.Muhammad Aslam Hakim1st Science Quiz


1.Najam Romdhani1st Calligraphy
2.Mochammad Agus Rozakhy2nd Calligraphy
3.Narendra Rangga PangestuAji1st Story Telling with Visual Media
4.MochammadHafidzWidoMulyawan2nd Story Telling with Visual Media
5.Bisma Ekaputra Eryadi1st Reciting al-Qur’an
6.M. Thariqunnajah2nd Reciting al-Qur’an
7.Mumtazalya Hakim1st Designing Idul Fitri Card
8.Nur Annisa Mellyani Putri2nd Designing Idul Fitri Card


1.Aisyah Aulia1st Calligraphy
2.Caesar Nafiansyah Putra1st Strip Story Telling
3.Najibah Minhasiyatillah1st Reciting al-Qur’an
4.Alvin Amroe Ainaura1st Designing Idul Fitri Card